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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Masterpost


So I’ve collected many videos of famous people doin the IBC, which is a great way to be involved into donation for a good cause. To know more about ALS and to make a donation ► Here

50 Cent

5th Harmony

Adam Lambert

Adam Sandler

Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandro Del Piero

This is very entertaining!



Ed and Chace did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Chate/ChEd Forever! <3

Favorite parts: Both shouting when the ice hits, Ed nominating the Queen of England AND Ed trending in the USA!! See here: x

Your turn next Leighton! :D

Videos: Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford


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ALS Ice bucket challenge, Germany version 


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Ice Bucket Challenge - football players (p.3)


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Just have a little faith


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He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.

– Bob Marley (via kushandwizdom)

… Batman?

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It’s not like I’m falling in love, I just want you to do me no good and you look like you could.


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